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Renewable Energy Solutions for California

The promise of a carbon neutral future

Clean fuel from dairy digesters for a sustainable future

We are responding to one of humanity’s greatest challenges. A rapid and far-reaching transition is required to limit the impact of climate change to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Starting in the Central Valley, CV Biogas is paving a path toward a brighter future by integrating sound renewable energy project development practices with intelligent resource recovery and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions mitigation and monetization. Our projects focus on reducing methane emissions from California dairies and promoting sustainable dairy practices.

An Investable Solution

We specialize in manure recovery projects in California with multiple potential sites identified in the Central Valley. These projects have adjacent land available for lease, secure feedstock contracts, proximity to a renewable natural gas interconnection, and the support of local dairy and property owners.

We take dairy manure that would emit methane to the atmosphere and instead capture the off-gas and monetize through LCFS, RIN and standard gas commercialization pathways.

Benefits for Dairies

Dairy owners continue to be at the forefront of the movement towards greener energy sources, while staying ahead of upcoming regulatory requirements and enjoying additional income streams.

We transform waste from dairy farms into RNG, which can be used as a transportation fuel. RNG is a valuable commodity that can be sold and monetized along with governmental incentives such as federal Renewable Identification Number (RIN) credits and state-level Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) subsidies.

A Clean Future for All

California is the first dairy region in the world targeting a 40% reduction of dairy methane emissions. The state's dairy farms are currently on track to meet this goal by 2030 largely from the 127 digester projects that are under various stages of construction and of which 34 are already in operation.

One cow can produce enough transportation fuel to drive a car across the country. Five cows can power one house for an entire year.

By developing and executing these projects, we can help reduce GHG emissions through two path ways. One by reducing methane, which is 25 times worse than CO2 in terms of the GHG effect, and the other is by generating RNG, a cleaner fuel that emits lower CO2 and NOx emissions compared to diesel or gasoline.

We Are a Full Service Partner

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R&D and Engineering

We prepare projects with an engineered approach to scalability throughout the development cycle. We perform feasibility studies and modelling during project development to minimize downstream risks. We also perform the necessary due diligence to find the technology that best suits the situation of each dairy. Facilities are engineered for long-term operational sustainability that is beneficial to all of our project partners and stakeholders.

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We develop projects based on decades of experience in the Central Valley and leverage relationships in the biogas industry. This allows us to build scalable and repeatable projects in a structured stage gate process. Our projects are based on the trust of all parties to make each project sustainable and economically sound for the long term benefit of our partners, environment and the local community.

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Project Management

With our technical and operational team and the support of our project partners, we complete the build and manage the relationship between dairies and pre-vetted facility operators. In this way, we maximize the environmental and economic value on behalf of our project partners and stakeholders. Equipment and services are locally sourced wherever possible to maximize the contribution of these projects to the local community.

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